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tiistai 21. huhtikuuta 2015


The true story of "Beauty" By Jane Seaman 

I lived in the country in Virginia for a short while, we bordered a meadow with cows and they came to visit every day at the fence, and of course I would give them snacks, but there was one in particular, No8, who I called "My Beauty,".
She was so beautiful, beautiful spirit and a big smile. She would moo for her favourite grain bread every day and interacted with my dogs. She was so sweet, a real character. 
No one lived on the meadow, but I used to wonder who owned them and what they did with those cows. One day I saw the farmer who owned them who lived bordering the meadow on the other side to fix the fence. I asked him about Beauty and he told me she was his daughter's cow. 
I told him please, if you ever decided to get rid of her to come to me, I would take her. I told him she was my friend and how she fit right in with my dogs. 
Anyway I noticed over the course of a couple of days that the cows were not around. The meadow was big, so sometimes they would migrate to the opposite side. I walked around to see if they were there and they had all disappeared. I became ill in my stomach. I frantically looked for wear the farmer lived and after a lot of hassle trying to get info, I found his son and showed him a picture on my camera of Beauty and he finally admitted they had been sold to the local slaughterhouse. 
I frantically called the slaughterhouse and actually got a woman who seemed willing to help me try to find her. She told me all those cows that had come in from that farm had been slaughtered. I have tears running down my face thinking about that now. I think of all those beautiful playful cows in the meadow, their personalities, and My Beauty, to think that gentle, sweet, loveable girl meeting such a horrible fate. 
I carry her in my heart always, so blessed to have gotten to know and share love with her in this life. I was a vegan long before that because I always realised it was wrong, but to see the victims up close like that, get to know them made it that much more horrible what is being done. I will never stop fighting for them, to stop this horrific atrocity against these animals, these gentle victims of "man's" inhumanity and brutality. 
Thank you for all that you are doing..xx

"My Beauty, who is always with me in my heart. I was vegan long before I met her, but the atrocity of animal farming took my beautiful friend and it brought an even deeper conviction to never being silent about this horrific atrocity. She would moo for me every day, she gave kisses, played with my dogs, liked apples, but especially loved her special multigrain bread I would get her, and would gobble up a loaf at a time. I will never get over what was done to this beautiful, sweet creature and I carry her in my heart always"

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