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lauantai 5. syyskuuta 2015

Friends, not food.

The Ugly Truth
by Joanne Stenson

Animal cruelty comes in all shape and form
But we don't bat an eye, like it's part of the norm
Right here I will cover, what goes on at the farm
You think they play in the field and then sleep in the barn!?
I'm here to make sure, the truth it be told
The reality, it's grim and it's dark and it's cold

Dairy cows pregnant for 9 months each year
To produce milk for their young, who they barely get near!
The calf it gets pulled, from the sore swollen teat
To be raised a few weeks and then killed for veal meat
Taken straight from its mum so their milk we can steal
Mother left grieving, who cares how they feel!
At such a young age, they're now too old to breed
But farmer won't keep her,
She no longer suites his need
Not off for retirement, she has no such luck
She off for the slaughter, piled on to the truck.
At such a young age, all animals go
They don't get to live and they don't get to grow

Egg laying hens live their life in a cage,
most will die at just one year of age
In the mean time they're bred to lay more than they should
Then they don't get to roost as in nature they would
The unfertilised egg is then taken away
From the hen that will never, get to see light of day.

their beaks are cut off as they're crammed in together
To prevent from frustrations the pecking of feather
Free range it's no better, they're all sat on a shelf
Stop burying your head and educate yourself
So enough about the girls, lets talk about the chaps
Their life it end there, right when the egg cracks
Their tiny bodies, thrown straight on the grinder
This industry just couldn't, be any less kinder!
If the slaughter house windows were transparent and clear
Then those with a heart simply wouldn't go near

The lamb, chicken, pig, the duck, dear, cow
And what ever else you kill for gain, they're suffering right now
Living conditions horrendous, no love or care they get
No comfort when their sad or scared, or hurt or cold and wet
Then off to get killed, when they're weeks or months old
To the slaughter for meet, those babies are sold.

But not just the animals down on the farm
Are treated like this and with cause for alarm

Bees spend all summer gathering nectar from flower
To turn it to honey, they work every hour
They do this for food, to survive winter season
But the keeper is farming for only one reason
To steal the bees food for their own seedy gain
Complete disregard of starvation and pain
All I can say about sweet tasting honey
there is nothing so sweet about killing for money

Not just for food but for the clothes you wear too
Cause pain every day, if only you knew

You may look real good in your Suede leather coat
But no doubt it's the skin from a lamb, cow or goat
Is it really a must that they suffer for fashion?
We seem to wear it with pride and with little compassion

Silk worm, works hard to build its cocoon,
to prep for transition it's due to make soon
From a caterpillar worm to a beautiful moth,
but never breaks free as its boiled in a broth
in order to keep it in unbroken thread
So think twice your silk sheets when you get into bed!

So what about wool, sheep, they just get a trim?
I'm sorry dear friend, the truth is more grim.
From their hind quarters, they slice off a raw piece of flesh
The scar prevents fly strike and keeps the wool fresh
To save money they're restrained, and without anaesthetic.
The levels they stoop to are vile and Pathetic
This wool it grows less as the sheep it gets older
then off to get killed it's short life it is over.

The animals needs, well they take a back seat
To the interests of all of the people they meet

If you can't bare to know then don't bare to take part
Please open your eyes, your mind and your heart

There's no difference between what we love and we eat
What we cuddle in bed and what we kill for their meat.
They all have the same feelings and give love from their heart
Let's save them together, now's the best time to start...

If you wouldn't do it to a dog, don't do it to any animal. 

Photo Credit: Brightside Farm Sanctuary

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